Hot Foil Marking Tools

Hot Foil Marking ToolsFrederick Follows Ltd. are a major manufacturer of hot foil marking tools.

We manufacture two main types of hot foil marking tools, these are;

  • Continuous hot foil roll marks for use on cables, flex, pipes and tubes which can have a convex or flat profile; or
  • Flat hot foil marking blocks to be used in conjucntion with a press tool. Great for use on flat objects such as books, diaries, leather, menus etc.

The process uses a foil, which is pressed onto the component by a heated marking roll or block, and the resulting indentation is colour in-filled by the dye from the foil.

This type of marking tool is perfect for products requiring an elegant finish, and can be used to mark any plastic, leather or leather substitute. Just send us some artwork or a technical drawing and give us a call if you want to discuss the process with us.

If you have any queries regarding our Hot Foil Marking Tools, please contact us.