Embossing Tools

Embossing ToolsEmbossing Tool for Metal by Frederick Follows Ltd
Embossing tools consist of a punch and a die. The material to be embossed is placed in between these two components and they are pressed together.

The resulting impression is raised up, i.e. proud of the surface. This process can be applied to any sheet material that can be plastically deformed.

Debossing Tools
Debossing tools consist of a punch and die, but cut the reverse of embossing tools. The image is sunk “Pressed down” into the material so the image is depressed. The process is performed on the same types of sheet materials as embossing.

Intaglio Embossing
Intaglio Embossing combines the above two process. The background around the image is debossed leaving the impressions themselves raised.

Companies use these processes to successfully mark their corporate logos etc. on their products.

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