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At Frederick Follows we believe and act on the maxim that the customer is the most important person in our business. Our aim is not only to produce a first class tool at a ‘value for money’ price, but also to ensure that today’s scarce ingredient, service – is also included.

Marking tooling is our area of expertise, and as such you can rely on us to help you out should you need it; perhaps with advice or perhaps with special accelerated delivery. Our friendly tool design service is always available to guide our customers through the initial concept to completion of their specific tooling requirements.

We accept customer data for marking tool specifications in many different CAD file formats (DXF, EPS, IGES etc).

Artwork via fax, E-mail, posted paper and bromide prints are also accepted. Printed artwork is digitised and post processed and re-submitted for customer verification and final approval.

We are here to help you, if you have queries regarding any product we have on our website please contact us.