Roll Marking Tools

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Our roll marking tools are capable of marking flat, convex and concave surfaces. The products which can be marked are many and varied; Round and hexagonal bars, tubes, hydraulic/pneumatic fittings, electrical and pipe connectors and basically any cylindrical component up to a Roll Mark diameter of 250 mm.

Additionally, these Roll Marking Tools can be; solid construction, made from individual inserts, or a combination of the two, giving you interchangeability for serial numbers/date codes etc.

CNC & Wickman Roll Marking

Frederick Follows manufacture roll marks and holders to fit both Wickman automatic conventional multispindle lathes and CNC lathes / machining centres (Haas, Mori Seiki, Daewoo, Doosan, Mazak, Nakamura, Colchester etc.) Our holders can be tailored to suit the individual tool carousels of your machines.

If you have any queries regarding our Roll Marking Tools, please contact us.