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Frederick Follows Limited is a Birmingham, UK based company, originally founded by Mr. Frederick Follows back in the early 1920′s. It is now run by Managing Director, Mr Charles Rhodes and Works Manager, Mr Martin McMahon.

We are specialist manufacturers of all types of marking machines and tools. As such, we can offer you the benefit of our long experience in the field, incorporating the latest CAD/CAM – CNC technology. Our marking machines and tools are designed for applications including Automotive Production Tooling, CNC Machining Centres, Continuous Bar Roll Marking, Press Tooling, Security Marking Services and Hot Foil Marking.

With our long history, Frederick Follows recognise the need for high quality design and manufacture, plus excellent customer service. This approach has won us orders with government bodies worldwide, the MoD (Ministry of Defence) and various multinational companies, we apply this philosophy to all our customers from the large to the small one man bands and artisans. Our core client base includes the automotive industries, to whom we supply off the shelf automotive standard marking tools. We also design and manufacture specialised marking machines to overcome customers’ production problems, also a fully comprehensive marking tool re cut and refurbishment facility is available which incorporates in house annealing re-heat treatment and micro welding.

Because of our complete in house manufacturing capability and the fact that we do not rely on any subcontract services, at Frederick Follows we can provide expedited delivery times when they are required, for example tooling break downs, last minute design changes and prototype tooling requirements.

Mass produced hand punch sets, industry standard type inserts, typor, magsi and euro type are stocked for rapid despatch. Rubber stamps desk stamps and both off the shelf and specially manufactured stencils plus inks etc. are supplied.